Coming soon…

Well, well, well…it’s been QUITE awhile since I posted anything here. If you follow me on Instagram (@aceoftarot) you know I’m active enough over there, and I couldn’t begin to summarize here (not today, anyway) what I’ve been up to since my last, massive post. I’m just going to jump right back in where I am today…

…with some EXCITING NEWS! *insert heralding trumpet sounds*

I’ve invited some great folks I know in the Tarot community to talk about the intersection of Tarot and self-love, and I’m very excited to share their work with you! This is the first of what I hope will be multiple such collaborative “Tarot + ______” zines, each with different topics and contributors as we go. (If this one goes well, I’ll put out the call for submissions when it’s time to do another, but feel free to contact me any time with your ideas or suggestions as well.)

Meanwhile, please join my email list if you want to be notified when this one is ready! (For now that just means “following” this blog.

) “February 2020” is my goal for publication but it could take longer. I am committed to making “self-love” a non-negotiable part of MY process in compiling this zine, and sometimes that means prioritizing other parts of my life vs. this passion project.

Okay, back to work here…Wishing you a lovely end of January. Let’s be gentle with ourselves, shall we? ❤

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