Synchronicities continue to keep me company. And, I’m Biddy Tarot certified!

I have a problem with overcommitting myself, because I have more interests than time. I’m guessing you know what I mean, since folks interested in Tarot will quickly find any number of rabbit holes to burrow deeper into…

So while I haven’t gotten around to writing my whole “how I got into Tarot/chose this blog name” backstory (origin story? Help me out here, fellow comic book nerds!), so much more cool “woo-stuff” has happened since I last posted that I’ll have a hard time documenting it all here. And stuff keeps happening. Not major stuff, just little winks from the universe. I will see how many I can write about in the next week or so.

But first, this simple update: as the title of this post already suggested, I am now officially a Biddy Tarot Certified Reader. YAY! I do love taking classes and getting pats on the head for doing a good job. 🙂


But what does this mean for my Tarot practice? Well, somewhere in my email files I have a digital badge that says I’m officially minimally competent, according to someone kind of famous. (Totally famous in the Tarot world!) And someday I will figure out how/where to display that, probably on this website. OR on my new website, when I eventually shift this content over to that platform, as it seems to be the way to have the most functionality. Now I know what you maaaaaay be thinking, especially if “you” are that negative voice that still lives in a small corner of my head (BTW I see you! Your days are numbered, Nancy!!) “You” are thinking, “Hey, adorable genius, you already can’t figure out all the features of this free, simpler version of WordPress. And to that I say, “TRUE, Sherlock. You got me. But I’m still gonna get the better version some day soon, because I need more features like a special gallery in which to display random stuff like my digital badge of honor from Biddy Tarot.”

Okay, where was I? How does certification affect my practice? Well, I have learned a lot along the path to earning that certification, and, as I said, I will display my digital badge here somewhere one of these days. And I will be listed in Biddy Tarot’s Reader Directory for a year, if I manage to submit whatever data they wanted before it’s too late. *off to check email for when is “too late”* Okay there is no due date, which means it’s less likely to get done, but I’ll try. :p

Now, how about I tell you about some recent synchronicities! Remember my crazy 7 of Cups story? Well, stuff like that keeps happening…the exact right card(s) showing up when I need them. Let’s list them, because I ramble a lot and lists are helpful to keep me somewhat on course.

  1. ALCHEMY. One thing I’m doing right now that keeps me busy is a Tarot reader apprenticeship program — told you I like to take classes! — with Shana Deets Inkman, who I met through the Facebook group that I help admin called “Tarot Learning Group.” (Shana has her own FB group called “Learn the Tarot – With Shana Deets Inkman.”) The apprenticeship is a 3 month program, and you kickstart it by doing a “Psychic Power Hour” in which she helps you identify your gifts. What mine are is kind of complicated to describe, and not something I am ready to write about today, but the word “alchemy” in involved. Not literally, of course, but in that sense of taking a bunch of random spiritual/psychological things that come out during a reading, drawing relevant connections between them, and helping people create something new and useful out of those connections, in order to transform their own lives. Some hours after Shana gave me the word “alchemy” to think about in relation to what I have to offer to others, I realized that I hadn’t drawn my Tarot “card of the day” (a practice I don’t always do but think I probably should.) So I drew a card, and OF COURSE it was The Magician. Mr. Alchemy. Nice little wink, don’t you think, to help me own that concept? I liked it. Honestly we ALL should “own” a bit more Magician if we don’t already feel pretty good about our manifesting skills. Alchemy shows up in my next story as well…
  2. DREAM. After the Power Hour is done and you get into the content of the apprenticeship course itself, the first lesson is about “dreamwork.” It seems Shana has worked with a shaman, and has a practice to teach about connecting your waking and dreaming states to enhance psychic power. We made “dream altars” to assist in this process, and while it wasn’t required, I decided to pull a card in honor of this endeavor. I knew there was a card called “Dream” in my Seeds of Shakti deck (a GORGEOUS oracle deck by Sharron Basanti of Gypsy Arts (NOT KIDDING — as I went online to check my spelling of her name, I just saw that this card is her Instagram post for today! @gypsyarts). I pulled out my deck and fanned out all the cards face down and said out loud, “Show me the Dream card, please.” And was admittedly shocked when that’s the actual card I picked.

Photo May 27, 10 49 51 PM

I took this as a good place to stop and turn over the cards underneath it, to see what was there. I kept turning them over until I got to the last set of cards I’d used in a spread, and figured the new ones were all for this venture. (This was a very loosey-goosey, intuitive type card drawing, as you can tell. I do that sometimes. When it seems right, of course. haha)

So look what came right behind the Dream card…my ALCHEMIST card!!!Photo May 30, 1 58 29 PM

Here’s the whole thing, just for fun (I found a smaller bowl! LOL). It was 2 days after the new moon:

Photo May 30, 1 57 46 PM

Anyway, that was super fun. (And that third eye card showed up again on Sharron’s Instagram feed a few days ago as one of those “pick a card and I’ll reveal it tomorrow” kind of games. There were 4 cards, and I picked that one. Right on!)

Okay, so just as I was about to write this post, I decided to pull another card, in case it helped me organize my thoughts. I went for John Holland’s Spirit Messages Daily Guidance Oracle Deck, because I feel like these synchronicities ARE spirit messages, and I haven’t used that deck much yet, so what the heck. Here’s what I pulled:

Photo May 30, 1 14 30 PM

So I guess I will keep putting my heart into this dreamwork. The first night I had an amazing dream in which I reunited with my father, who died about 6 years ago. It was the best version ever of the dream I tend to have about him, which is that he is sitting in a chair and I realize he’s there and get a hug from him. It’s short and sweet and we don’t say anything, at least not since the first time I had the dream when I distinctly remember talking to him and remarking how lucky I was that even though he had died, I still got to have him hanging around, and how many people got to have that odd setup? (I just remembered that! I’d forgotten there had ever been any talking in these dreams.) Anyway, what was different this time is that I didn’t just dream about him, I DREAMED THAT I WAS DREAMING about him. And then I told him, “I miss you” and I heard him say, “I miss you, too.” It was SO sweet and yet sad at the same time, as I heard it (maybe only in my head?) just as I was waking up, so I woke with a bit of melancholy. I decided to focus on how nice it was to get that hug though, and I was thankful for the dream.

Now, the next two nights I’ve had lots of nightmares, and so many different scenarios that I can’t even describe them all. I’d better make a special request tonight for another good dream!

3. I guess there isn’t a #3 at this moment, because I’ve got to get back to downloading all my Biddy Tarot course materials that I will lose access to after tomorrow.

OH! But here’s one last tiny update: I’ve finally got my idea figured out for the Tarot Nerds 2017 International Tarot Day deck, for which I’m contributing a 7 of Cups. Now to get it all out of my head and onto paper and then into a suitable digital format. Magician energy, don’t fail me now!! I’ll post something as soon as it’s done, of course.

Thanks for reading, if you still are. There is now a button somewhere you can click on to subscribe to this blog, if you’re so inclined. If not, thanks for stopping by and I sure hope you are having some fun synchronicities of your own. If not, start looking for them! It really makes life more fun, and I have no doubt there are messages out there for you, too. ❤


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