Updates and such

Hello again! I have recently accumulated a dozen new “followers,” but I suspect there is some mistake because they ALL have Outlook addresses…and that’s just weird. So for all I know NOBODY is reading this and my account has been hijacked by some bug in Outlook. In any case, I’ll continue rambling for a minute here. I still spend most of my “musing” time on Instagram, but I really do think a longer form creative outlet is calling me again. I think I want to blog here, where I have unlimited space to pontificate (and where my content is not controlled by Zuckerberg), and then post shorter versions of my thoughts there, where it’s a more visual medium anyway. And I have plans to launch a website some day that will include more content that just what I create in blog form. But life had other plans for my spring, so the website is on hold for a bit.

Meanwhile, here are some beautiful spring “weeds” that are brightening my office space, and I hope they bring you a little cheer, too! (And if any humans are reading this, please leave me a comment so I know that Outlook didn’t entirely eat my blog!) Talk to you soon, I hope!



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