The longer I wait to write something, the harder it is to start. So here’s a mini blog post about mini-blogging.

It has been a long time (relative to how long I’ve been doing this at all) since I posted anything here. I have been doing tons of Tarot work, but have been posting it all on my Instagram account without sharing it here. (Below is a collage of some recent posts to show you, in case you don’t want to bother going to my IG.) I mostly used the Ostara Tarot this month, with a bunch of oracle cards added here and there because that’s how I like it.IMG_8616

(Oh! And that last photo was about my first attempt at bibliomancy. It went well!)

I love the mini-blogging platform on IG, but I need to spend more time doing the deep dives that sitting at a real keyboard (without worrying about formatting paragraph breaks and other annoying IG quirks) affords me.

Tomorrow is my last day of participating in a month long challenge by the smart admins of Tarot Rebels (#TRseptfallchallenge). And for some of that time I was also doing Ethony’s latest #awakenedsoulchallenge. Both of these challenges have been great, but also time consuming, because they were, well, challenging. I am also slowwwwly working through Benebell Wen’s Tarot and Shadow Work course, and I have several other upcoming events (one challenge and one course) put on by dear friends.

And I am trying to attend to the rest of my life as well, and it’s pretty busy. I know everyone relates.

So I don’t have a clever, cohesive message here, just a little update and an encouragement to check out my “mini-blog” (IG posts) if you are so inclined. Here is the latest one, about The World card. I guess it really is the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one, and I’m just popping in here to say I want to make writing on THIS blog a part of the next cycle.

Meanwhile, here’s a picture I’m calling “Fall Reflections.” (Yes, I just made that up. 😋)


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