Update: why this second post was so long in the making, and why the third will be, too. But not AS long, so please stay tuned!

Well, there are many self-deprecating things I could say to explain why it’s taken 3 weeks to post again, but let’s set those aside in favor of a more supportive understanding of how life works, both externally and within the mind of someone who is fairly “in the moment” about most things. Shall we? Yes? Good!

So what I wanted to share with you is that I’m working on the last bits of coursework required to apply for Biddy Tarot’s Certified Tarot Reader designation. Here’s her promo material about the program:


I’m not here to sell you on the program, or to sell you on myself for having gone through it (especially as I’m not actually through it yet!), just letting you know what’s mostly kept me too busy to write more here. It’s a huge program, and right now is “crunch time” for getting the last course modules done and submitted. (And I’m not just talking about my abnormally large intake of corn chips in stressful situations.) Until that’s done I don’t have time to properly sit down and pour my heart out into regular blog posts. And I REALLY want to pour my heart out when I do write here, because, well, that’s just how I like to travel through this world. It’s good for me, and I hope that along the way it helps someone else out there who likes to read vulnerable and heartfelt blog posts.

The coursework is due May 31st, so as soon as I have that submitted, I’ll get back on here and tell you:

  • Why I chose “Ace of Tarot” as a blog/website/business(??) name
  • How I got started reading Tarot in the first place
  • My personal philosophy about how Tarot works for me and how I like to use it these days (hint: it’s not for “fortune telling”)
  • What’s been most helpful to my learning so far, and…
  • What I think would have been helpful to my learning if I’d actually done more of it 😛

But for now, break time is over and the day job is calling! And by “day job” I mean it’s time to pick my kids up from school. Talk to you in a few weeks! ❤


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